Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Katherine Dunn: Geek Love

One Word Summary: Dreamlets

More Words: I probably read too much of this book before setting it aside. At first I thought- "Hey I'm willing to suspend my assumption that normal is somehow ideal. But thank goodness this only fiction." As I plowed ahead the content became a little more edgy, as in perverted, which was something I didn't expect. Although I should have, since deviant behaviour is dismissing conventions. I guess, like most people I have to draw a line somewhere so I put this book down. It's not vital to my happiness, besides intellectual stimulation can be found elsewhere. And if I'm wrong, well there will always be someone else ready to champion the mainstream-ification of subversive* ideas. Although the freaks in this book seemed to revel in their uniqueness so it might be a cruelty to normalize them**. I wonder if it's even possible.

*in the most complimentary sense of the word-since I'm sure the true subvert wants to be acknowledged.
**cliche sentiment, right?

Plot Summary: The mystery surrounding the dissolution of a freak-show family. Actually, I didn't get very far... so all I really know is that a father and a mother experimented with various substances to birth malformed mutated children who they displayed to the public in a family freak show. When the story starts everyone is dispossesed. The first chapter is idyllic, but it turns quickly.


  1. What were those parents thinking! Was their family project wrong, or right?
  2. What makes freaks so fascinating? Why do people have an instinct to stare and look away simultaneously?
  3. Were the children only valuable as a draw for gawking crowds? As a way to keep their father's carnival solvent?
  4. Does Miranda lose her tail?
  5. Who was Miranda's father? Do I really want to know?
  6. Ignoring the fabulous disguises were the characters in this story everday people?

Inscription found on the inside flap:

This book was bought by Daniel Silver (N.Y. N.Y.) and given to Daniel Brooks
(Toronot, Can) Then given by Daniel Brooks to Daniel MacIvor (Toronto) then
given by Daniel MacIvor to Stacy Abramson (Granada, Spain/Chicago, Il)

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