Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Georgette Heyer: The Black Moth

One Word Summary: No Honour in Whining
More Words: I'm a little disgusted with myself for enjoying books that take place in such a repressive unliberated era, or written by women who lived in a different repressive unliberated era. Fortunately Heyer may just put me off Regency Romance, since I'm terribly addicted. There was a whole chapter called "Mistress Diana is unmaidenly" where she allegedly wears her heart on her sleeve and proposes marriage to Jack. She was very subtle. Also Mistress Diana is later abducted, sneered at and manhandled by The Black Moth, but since he didn't actually rape her and it all turns out good (Jack shows up just in time to duel The Black Moth and then Jack proposes marriage to Diana) she's willing to laugh it off as a great joke and wrap the whole thing in clean linen so the neighbours wont talk. It's ridiculous! oh, but it gets worse. Turns out The Black Moth really was in love with Diana and now he's a reformed rake-ist. What I want to know is why all the 'gentlemen' didn't put an end to him sooner? Really, it's just bad form to steal another man's property! And then there's Jim who is inlove with his master- it's a little sickening how servile the servant class gets to be. But why am I complaining not even the men get to be human in this book, they have to be perfect. Alright, I'm done with my rant. Incase it's not obvious, I liked this book. But I'm never reading another regency again.

Summary: It all started with a card game where someone cheated and the wrong man takes the blame and it ends with a happily ever after. There is a sword fight, or two.

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